Physiotherapy for CrossFitters

We understand the needs of the CrossFit athlete. Lifting large loads quickly and the need to “go there” in a workout is what sets CrossFitters apart. There are a large number of movements that need to be perfected and honed, with only so much time in a day to train. We get it. You don’t have time to be broken down. You need to be training. We can help keep you in the game and on the road to more PR’s tomorrow.

Physiotherapy for Triathletes

Triathletes have engines like no other. The need to swim countless laps, log hundreds of miles on the bike and running until the cows come home. Then you do it all for time! With such consistency of movement, there is a big potential for breakdown. Let us help you get the most out of your hours of dedicated training and keep you in the pool, on the bike and running with the wind in your hair.


Great Power Application starts with good mobility. Good mobility allows you to get into the optimal position to apply force. Find out where are your weak links and where are you leaking energy.


Movement efficiency is all about flow or how you move from one position to another. For maximum efficiency, every inch in a movement must be developed.


Good Mobility + Movement Efficiency + Systematic Overload = Minimal Injury Risk



There is an overwhelming amount of information and untold number of “experts” that it is difficult to assimilate all the this into an understandable and working knowledge that can be applied. STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION SYSTEMS is an online course that was developed to introduce the professional movement practitioner to the conceptual framework of how the human body produces, absorbs and conserves force and how this applies to diagnosis, treatment and neuromuscular training.

We start with a basic understanding of physics, biomechanics and the role of creativity/imagination in developing a personal internal mapping system that will be used to guide our decision making process then jump into viewing the body and how it produces and absorbs forces as a whole with a very broad and inclusive lens. At this point we will focus on optimal alignment/loading, what it means and what it looks like. From there we systematically focus on regional areas of the body and continue down this path until we reach the most fundamental movement segments, always with the understanding how they influence each other.  Then we pan back out to re-integrate the information and placing it back into context of the interrelated systems of the body.

Our mission is to provide fluency in the evaluation and treatment of neurological, musculoskeletal, performance and healing of the human body and to inspire the next generation of Physiotherapists.


Online Course Coming Soon


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Mom of Five

“Bob really cares and is passionate about what he is doing. I ran into some shoulder and knee pain issues. As a mother of five kids I didn’t have the time to not be able to move, but with Bob’s understanding of the human body and specific treatment plan, just for me I was back at it!” – Emily R.

Trail Runner

“Bob Cook came highly recommended by two people with life-long sports lifestyles. They described him as an athlete with a focus to rehabilitate using methods that allows the patient to continue to be active without further injuring themselves. I have found this to be true. His own personal experience with sports and the expectations it places upon our bodies is a huge benefit. Anyone suffering from injuries, I would whole-heartedly direct them to Bob without hesitation.” – Marla S.

Hood To Coast

“I was a day out from running Hood to Coast with lots of knee pain. Bob saw me, made some adjustments, did an amazing taping job and I was able to complete the race with little to no problems – I never thought that would happen.
I incorporate running into other athletic activities I do as well. Bob has helped me with various knee and shoulder issues.
Great guy. Former Navy submarine diver, and former bodybuilder. Lifelong athlete.” – Nate C.