Physical Therapy Services

Sports Rehabilitation

As experts in movement, physical therapists serve as your first line of care when you experience pain, discomfort or injury while training or competing in your sport. A thorough evaluation from a physical therapist will determine what caused your injury, setting an optimal course for treatment, healing, prevention, and performance enhancement. Contact us today!

Spine Care

The spine is our body’s core, so when the muscles and nerves along it are pinched, pulled or twisted, it can stop us in our tracks. Our physical therapy team is made up of experts in spine health. We focus not just on treating pain, but on determining its cause and preventing it from coming back – getting you back to life. Contact us today!

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Be stronger, heal faster and get back to living life.

Get back to the level of work, play and function you enjoyed before first experiencing the pain and injury that led you to surgery. Get stronger, heal faster and get back to life (and through rehabilitation) more quickly with our physical therapy team at your side. The journey toward recovery can begin before surgery is even scheduled. Contact us today!

Injury Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – this is an axiom that we at Performance Physiotherapy live by daily when treating clients of all injuries, ailments and movement goals.  Injury prevention programs are ideal for athletes of all ages and levels, companies with a focus on employee safety and bottom-line retention, and individuals who simply wish to work better, move better and feel better. Contact us today!

Remote Physical Therapy

Nothing can replace a personal visit to our clinic, but through modern technology you can have access to your physical therapist even if you live too far away for regular visits.

PHYSICAL THERAPIST DESIGNED PROGRAMS: Structured plans that give you the confidence that your time and effort will be maximized providing the highest yield possible.
What you will get…

● PROFESSIONAL GOAL SETTING so that you are getting what you truly desire from your programming and have a clear mental vision of what you want to accomplish and what it will take to get there.
● PERSONALIZED MOVEMENT ASSESSMENTS so that we can design and build a plan specific to you.
● INDIVIDUALIZED PLANS so that each session will be tailored to reinforce your strengths  and build up your weaknesses.
● PROGRESSION BUILT INTO EVERY PROGRAM so that you can focus on applying yourself to your training and have the reinforcement of seeing consistent improvement in performance with decreased injury risk.
● HELP NAVIGATING we can show you what to do and when so that you can avoid aggravating a potential problem, but continue to get the benefit of training.

 Contact us or simply call 360-818-1101 to schedule an appointment with Performance Physiotherapy today!