Our Mission:

Movement is a gift and a basic form of human expression. Our goal is to remove the obstacles that prevent movement and empower individuals to gain a deeper understanding of how to care for their bodies so that they can experience healthy movement for a lifetime.

“When you do the right thing, to provide a better and more enduring solution for keeping people healthy and out of pain, it’s often more personally rewarding than profitable” – Bob Cook

Bob Cook, MHS, PT

He is a lifelong athlete who loves movement in all it’s forms and wants to share this with as many people as possible. He has extensive training from the North American Institute of Manual Therapy and he established Performance PhysioTherapy in 2003.

Bob uses all of his skills in manual therapy and combines them with his extensive knowledge and experience of human movement and mechanics to create real lasting changes for his patients. He’s well trained and has practiced for years all the quick fixes to help people get out of pain right now (counterstrain, joint mobilizations, soft-tissue work, etc.), but that’s just enough to start the real effort of correcting the dysfunctions that got you there in the first place. His method requires consistent contact with clients over the course of weeks, months and sometimes years. He could get paid more by following the “traditional physical therapy” model, but the long term approach of actually helping his clients change their dysfunctions into purposeful functional activity in almost any endeavor they chose gives him personal satisfaction and is what keeps him coming back, day after day after day. Contact Us Today!